The 2k Test,

Reprinted with thanks to a friend of - There is one be all, and end all, of a 2000m ergo race – pain. Despite all its complications and talk of efficiency, free speed, and technique, the rowing stroke is very simple. The legs engage, the back levers past the hips, the hands whip round, … Continue reading The 2k Test,



Gentlemen, ladies and Amateurs of the rowing world i feel that it is time to return to my previous musings on Pothunting. Everyone who has spent a little time in competitive rowing understands more or less what a Pothunt is, but it is time to clarify, to subdivide, to praise, and where necessary, to condemn, … Continue reading Pothunting

How to spot a drug cheat on a rowing machine!

If you have read, which is probably unlikely given the tumble weed clogging up this blog, my previous post in this subject Performance Enhancing Drugs in Rowing, you will know that from the available evidence there is clearly a subsection (disproportionately Eastern European, and particularly Russian) of competitive rowers who use performance enhancing drugs. If … Continue reading How to spot a drug cheat on a rowing machine!